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A messy desk is a sign of a happy, place. A place that is beiing used to make pretty things, things you like. They don't need to be liked by others because you like them. They make you happy and that's why you make them. Enjoy you messy happy place because it's yours.


Love your messy desk!!!! Mine is messy too =^-^=


My desk is just as messy as yours,if not more! It must mean that you are having fun creating. I wouldn't worry what other people think. When I see photos of immaculate craft spaces I wonder if they are ever actually used or just for show!


Sorry, I don't see any mess....
I see very happy stuff!

Mirjam de Vriend

No messy desk = less art


My tagline is "creative minds are rarely tidy" my creative space is always a mess and so am I when I paint. I have ruined so many clothes, well, mostly my pj's lol I have aprons but seldom wear them! Hey, as long as she put a link to your page so people can see your fab art, don't worry about what she said about your desk :)

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