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Ik ga straks op mijn gemakje kijken hoor. Als ik jouw filmpjes zie, wil ik namelijk meteen aan de slag!

Liefs Sanne

Jessica Sporn

so happy to watch this again! Brilliant ideas. Thanks Rev!

Jessica Sporn

Quick question, in the big Imagine album (when you were still a blondie!) are the photos adhered to the fabric? They don't appear to be stitched, as far as I can see...

Daniela Peduli

amazing! I will try to use fabric or felt!! Thank you for sharing!!

Rebecca Hoot

Great Video. Now I'm ready to make a mini using felt and fabric. Love the little birdie. Thanks for the inspiration!


So happy to see this again, I loved this! What fun it was to see all these from you again, fabric/felt anything always makes me happy. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Sorry I haven't comment here lately, it seems IG takes me away from visiting blogs. I read thru and left some comment love here for you today and WOW WOW WOW, so many good things to read and see here for me.

Thinking of you everyday, hugs and prayers and love!!

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