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Gina Demaree McKee

Is it correct when you are making the war flaps that you are INCREASING? Isn't that DECREASING? Or am I confused?


Lovely - perfect. I will also try with single color for had and different color for trim. Might even put a flower on it. Thanks.


Wauw, wat een mooie tutorial. Heb je prachtig gedaan. Dank je wel, ik ga hem meteen uitproberen.


Wauw, wat een vreugde om jouw uitleg te lezen (en er later achter te komen dat je NL bent, zodat ik hier gewoon in mn eigen taal een reactie kan schrijven, hihi). Ik heb echt dubbel gelegen om je vrolijke manier van patroonbeschrijven ("you can thank me later. i love real dark chocolate." & "still with me? or did you throw it into the corner of the room already? don't give up! you don't know how my first crochet work looked like." & "i hope that make sense. otherwise grab yourself some coffee and come back later." t's not like the stitch police is coming after you. well. i think not. halleluyah, if this doesn't make sence, take some wine and feel sorry for yourself come back later.) Echt geweldig gewoon, ik werd er helemaal vrolijk van! Ga je ook gelijk maar ff volgen en meer patroontjes proberen. Groetjes!


Can you please share the color names of the Paris Drops yarn you purchased?


Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! My daughter chose it from Ravelry because it had 'all the colours'. I made it for her today & she loves it. I had a good giggle too while reading the pattern!


Is there a place with just a printer friendly pattern typed out? Thanks.

Ingrid van Elp

Hi there,

Your pattern for the baby hat is also availibly in Dutch. But it is already to small for my little girl.
I very much like this rainbow hat.
But i have difficulty with the eniglish terms.
Is it availble in dutch??
Kind Regards


OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm so totally making this!!! I read the entire pattern through just for your awesome comments :-D :-D :-D need to whisk off an order on Drops Paris, I've been meaning to for ages, since there is a summer sale and all... t-h-i-s got me over the edge!! :-) Thank you, love the comments, but love the pattern even more :-D

Heather Jolly

OMG... I loved this hat the moment I saw it. Thanks so much for sharing. Had one finished in one evening. Here is a link to the photo: http://pinterest.com/pin/125678645824489859/ I LOVE IT!!!

Lauren Waterhouse

Thank you so much! I recently taught myself to crochet and have only just started attempting patterns. Your pattern was so easy to follow and made perfect sense. I made this beanie in a bright jade green in 8ply cotton. The beanie is beautiful! Fabulous!!!



LOVE this pattern and the step by step pics :)


Haha. I'm glad the stitch police isn't around. I had 95 (!!!) stitches all around. No idea, how I managed to have that many. Ô.o Even though I have 24 3-dc groups in the last dc-row. Driving me nuts. Any ideas? But well, sorted the earflaps anyway and love it. Great one. Am a sucker for rainbow colors, too. :) Thx for sharing. Keep on hooking.


Thank you a thousand times for this wonderful pattern but most of all for showing me how to weave in the ends as you stitch - so clear and easy to understand!! I have made two beautiful beanies one rainbow the other plain but with daisy appliques xoxo

Becky Fletcher

You are the funniest thing! I really enjoyed reading your directions. I am going to make one tonight. Hopefully I can find colors I like. Thank you for sharing. I hope I can find you on FB, I would love to follow you. (Was that a little creepy? ) Not meant to be.


Hey! Lovely pattern! I've just started on it and seem to be having a little problem. I'm on the 7th round but it doesn't seem to be forming a cap, it's just growing into a larger flat circle. :( what am I doing wrong?

Joy Ritter

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it! Joy from Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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