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Beautiful photos - terrific details - thanks so much for posting this! I am off to try making this flower :o)

Claudia Marcela

Thank you!!!


what a fantastic tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a happy bouncy person you are - you have made my day sunshiny happy and bright!!!! just what i was looking for!!! thank you! x

gerry titaheluw

Very nice, I hope that I can make that ......


Ooooh Revlie , als je er de tijd ennzin voor hebt, mag ik dan please een nederlandse beschrijving ? Ze zijn echt ubercute en een leuk projecje voor de lange winteravonden...


Can I just sit here and enjoy your humor? I love the goofy tomfoolery as much as I enjoy your work. Thank you.


Bedankt voor het delen van het patroon/tutorial. Ik heb een link geplaatst op mijn blog http://knutsel-dekentje.blogspot.com
Vriendelijke groeten, Jacqueline


Hi,,nice to read your blog. it really helps me to learn how to crochet. I'm trying to learn how to crochet now. Thank you so much. ^^


If you just crochet over your ends after you've changed colours, does it really hold them in tightly enough so they don't unravel? I worry that it will come undone so I haven't jumped ship just yet re: sewing in the loose ends.

Susan Evans

Thank you sooooo much for sharing . Great instructions :))))

Susan Evans

Hi very nice tutorial !!!!! Was wondering you know how to hook them together to make shawl or blanket :0) thank so much


Thank you for this fabulous tutorial! I have already made one of these as a gift, and am now on my second on one: http://idlethumbs-itchyfeet.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/japanese-flower-scarf.html
Then I think I will make another one, just for me!
I love your clear pictures and brilliant instructions. It was a real joy to follow your tutorial! :) x

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Bookmarked!!, I like your website!


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What kind of yarn did you use?

Ellen Novicky

I learned to crochet this week. My first project was a simple Granny Square. This is my second project, and I absolutely love the way these flowers turned out! I have made two so far, and plan to make enough for a scarf. Thanks so much for the tutorial.


This is the first time I've ever come across a tutorial I actually understand and can follow. My flower doesn't look exactly like yours (mostly because it's completely black and because I'm a complete beginner), but it still looks really pretty. Thanks for going through the trouble of taking pictures of every step, it was really helpful!

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